Already behind

I missed writing yesterday, so while I’m supposed to be composing an essay on criminal law and procedure for adolescents, I’m typing this up.

Sleep was foreign to me last night. That seems to be the trend as of late. Rarely do I get to bed on time and I never wake up early enough to accomplish what I need to. This is probably a huge character flaw of mine. Maybe I’ll work on it. Probably not, though.

In my insomnia, I was firing off e-mails to casting agents and photographers. I had a single response and my optimism is beamingly proud that one is better than zero. Hopefully this goes somewhere, but I will keep my mouth shut until the cash is in the bank.

Last week I was supposed to sign an international contract. Turns out they were sketch as hell and didn’t come through whatsoever. What’s that thing about blessings? They’re in disguise? Oh well.

I feel pretty shitty lately. The negative thoughts are kicking the positive thoughts out; evicting most of the hope I have. I hate feeling like this.

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