Acne. Everybody gets it. From a blemish to full blown cystic acne, no one is spared. Ok, maybe a few people… but they’re demonic or have sold their souls or something. There is no cure; only treatment.

I didn’t have a single pimple until after I graduated from high school. Sure, this wasn’t a bad thing. While most of my friends had bothersome red marks on their faces day-to-day, I comfortably enjoyed porcelain clean skin. I took this period in my life for granted because when it was over, boy, was it over.

My environment changed. I went from dry Anchorage, Alaska to rainy, humid Oregon and my skin started to turn on me. Its betrayal manifested in large pustules and small break outs around my hairline, but never enough for me to actually seek out any kind of medical attention. I lived with it. I dealt with it.

Only until recently did it become that great of a nuisance that I finally went to a dermatologist. For years I had been self medicating and treating the problem with all of Sephora’s best, which was ultimately hurting my skin. I tried everything up and down: drowning myself from the inside with water, vitamins, lotions, over-the-counter acne treatments. Not much was making my tiny blemishes relent.

Stress has been a huge contributing factor and something I’m horrible at managing, so when it decided to join forces with my acne and wreak havoc on my face, I sucked up the fact that I’m uninsured and marched into the dermatologist’s office, apprehensive with the imaginary exorbitant cost looming.

Keep in mind that my body is my business. I mean that in the way that an athlete’s body is a business – I make money off of it. Having healthy skin is crucial, so I can write off a dermatologist visit as an investment. And invest, I did.

My total bill has pushed 500 dollars and I’m already beyond broke (something I will visit in another post), but so far, its been worth it. No longer do I have to invest in the sheet masks and lamentable over-the-counter products.

Today, I had to go in for a chemical peel. My eyes watered and my skin felt like it was getting hit with molten hammers, but I finally felt like my face was clean. The modeling industry beats the hell out of my face (sun exposure, flashing lights, pounds of make up, etc.) , so it was beyond time it had a break and was able to punch back.

This is a reminder to invest in yourself. Your body is a temple and you deserve to be healthy. Your skin is your largest organ. Take care of it.

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